Government efforts have been of no avail, with the offer of 50 million euro of public funding in an effort to save the Catalan plant not convincing the Japanese company.

Last week Nissan Motors executives officially informed the Spanish government of the plant’s closure. They did so by video conference on Wednesday with the Spanish government, represented by Industry Minister Reyes Maroto and Industry Secretary of State Raül Blanco .

The video conference came after Nissan’s council published results of sales that have fallen by 31% so far in 2020.

Following the videoconference with the Government, the head of Nissan in Europe, Gianluca de Ficchy, spoke with unions as well as with members of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The Barcelona plant, over its three facilities, in the Free Zone Assembly and the Montcada and Sant Andreu satellites, generates 3,200 direct jobs and about 25,000 indirect

After the confinement, the plant reopened its doors, but then it was forced to close shortly afterwards due to the indefinite strike that the Montcada workers had been maintaining since last 4 May, due to the loss of the factory’s workload and uncertainty about its future.