Prime Minister reaches a pre-agreement with the PNV and ERC for a thirty-day extension to state of alarm

The Spanish Press are reporting this Saturday morning that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has reached a pre-agreement with the PNV and ERC to extend the state of alarm for another 30 days.

It is understood that he will announce his intention to do so, to the Council of Deputies, during the course of this Saturday.

The plenary session of the lower house must then validate his request next Wednesday.

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However the PM has been negotiating the extension with opposition parties all week and even without the agreement of Ciudadanos it is thought that he will achieve an absolute majority with the support he has from his own party, the PSOE, Unidas Podemos, ERC, PNV and other minority parties.

For the last extension Sánchez threw himself into a coalition with Ciudadanos and Inés arrimadas, who claimed to have achieved several changes to the ERTE in exchange for their 10 votes, but he lost those of one of his preferred partners, ERC, who dropped out of the agreements that had upheld the social communist coalition so far.

Now, after conceding to undisclosed demands he is understood to have regained their support.

The main opposition party, the Popular Party, have said they will vote against this extension of the state of alarm, after abstaining in the last vote. Also VOX and the separatists of Junts per Catalunya and la CUP will also vote against Sánchez’s request.

Compromís, however, who in the last few hours has been critical of Sánchez’s cabinet, have still to declare their intention.