Leader of the Communist Party appointed vice-chair of Coronavirus Commission

Enrique Santiago, leader of the Communist Party
Enrique Santiago, leader of the Communist Party

  • The PCE sets itself the objective of “relaunching the communist project” after joining the government
  • Enrique Santiago, leader of the Communist Party, elected vice president of the Reconstruction Commission.

Pedro Sánchez has vetoed Vox proposal this Thursday as the Congress voted on the formation of the “Reconstruction” Commission for the coronavirus crisis, preventing the secret vote demanded by Santiago Abascal and his followers, in appointing the leader of the Communist Party and deputy of Unidas Podemos, Enrique Santiago as vice chairman of the Reconstruction Committee.

The session started angrily with the refusal of the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, to allow the secret vote in the election of the committee members, a request made by PP and Vox.

However, the PSOE president has made an interpretation of the voting Regulations saying that it could not be a secret vote, something that was not accepted by the fourth vice president of Congress and Vox deputy, Ignacio Gil Lazarus. Faced with Batet’s refusal, spokesman Iván Espinosa de los Monteros announced that Vox would not participate in the vote.

Following the vote the members of the new Commission will be Patxi López, as president, Enrique Santiago (Unidas Podemos) and Guillermo Mariscal (PP) as vice-presidents, and María Luz Martínez Seijo (PSOE) and Isabel Borrego (PP) as secretaries.

According to parliamentary sources, PP and Vox requested a secret vote because the PSOE did not have guaranteed support for the candidacy of Patxi López to head the commission.