Former National Police Commissioner Antonio González Pacheco (Cáceres, 1946), known as “Billy el Niño”, has died at the San Francisco de Asís Clinic as a result of a multi-organ failure caused by the coronavirus.

González Pacheco joined the National Police Force during the Franco dictatorship and became the right hand man of Commissar Roberto Conesa in the Political-Social Brigade.

From 1977, in the middle of the Transition process, he became an inspector of the Superior Police Corps and was transferred to the new Central Information Brigade, after the disappearance of the Political-Social Brigade.

The Franco-era policeman Antonio González Pacheco, known as 'Billy el Niño'.
The Franco-era policeman Antonio González Pacheco, known as ‘Billy el Niño’.

At that time he managed to arrest the commandos that kidnapped Antonio María de Oriol and General Emilio Villaescusa.

In 1982 he retired from the police and began working as head of security with private companies.

Since 2018, Podemos and the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory, have pressured the Government to withdraw the police merit medal, awarded to him in 1977.

The Spanish political left considered González Pacheco as the icon of the Francoist repressive apparatus and accused him of torture.

Last February, with the Social Communist Government at the controls of Spain, the Congress Table approved the publication of the ‘Billy the Kid’ medal award file. However, he continued to reject the publication of his “service record”, despite the fact that, United Podemos supported him.

Over the period of his service ‘Billy the Kid’ was awarded four medals that increased his pension by 50%.