• Prime Minister warns Casado of health and economic “chaos”

The PP president, Pablo Casado, has told the Prime Minister that his party will not support another extension to the state of alarm when it is put before Congress on Wednesday.

The Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, summarised the meeting that took place by videoconference by the two political leaders on Monday. The meeting is said to have lasted a little

“It seems that the PP president has said that he will not support the measure, at least that is the interpretation we have. The Prime Minister warned him that his attitude could lead to absolute chaos in both the health and the economic situation,” said Ábalos, who also confirmed that “nobody” proposed an alternative “because there is none.”

Casado told the Prime Minister that “prolonging the state of alarm beyond a 60-day period makes no sense.”

And this morning the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has also asked the Spanish leader for an exit plan from “a constitutional tool that facilitates the restriction of fundamental rights.”

Yesterday, regional leaders also rejected the idea of prolonging a situation that temporarily increases central powers to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

The Minister of Transport said that he does not want to be “alarmist”, but without this extension, there is no fall back plan.

“Its rejection would mean the immediate repeal of the Royal Decree with which the health crisis is being regulated and, therefore, the end of confinement. In addition, compliance with the de-escalation plan designed by the Government would remain in the air.”

“All activities will have to be resumed, work and schooling,” he said, “and there would then be an enormous risk of a flare-up of coronavirus infections.”

“We will be condemned to chaos for which someone will have to be held responsible,” he added.