By Andrew Atkinson Spaintoday Exclusive

An 83 year-old male has been arrested in Valladolid in North West Spain – for shooting at GEO Policia from a balcony in the city.

The GEO special operations unit was called to the incident on May 3 as the situation unfolded, after they were informed shots were being fired.

The Special Group for Operations (GEO) is the tactical unit of the Spanish National Police.

The alleged gunman is said to have opened fire on the Policia – with a hunting weapon – during attempts to diffuse the situation.

Reports state the Policia returned fire, hitting him in an arm. The injured party was taken to hospital for observation.

No further details have been released following the incident and investigations are said to be continuing.

The GEO has response capabilities and is responsible for VIP protection duties, as well as countering and responding to terrorism.

Organised along the lines of many other police tactical units throughout Europe, the GEOs is focused on dealing with terrorist attacks, including aircraft hijackings as well as maritime threats and hostage taking.

The GEO can also be used in a support role for Spanish Police operations outside the realm of terrorism, and is active in protecting visiting heads of state and providing security for high-profile events.


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